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full match schedule completed on 9/5/22

2022 Schedule

This year we are using Will Rogers State Beach, which is currently under construction (and missing courts, 1, 2 and 13).  Please be causious around the construction area, and pay close attention to court assignments (all court numbers are losted on the east pole of each court).



revised Sept. 26th, 2022

Remaining Tournaments

Oct. 1, 2022 - League Championship Tournament

Oct. 8, 2022 - Pairs Championship

please see NEW link for the Will Rogers court/site map.  We finally have nets up on all 21 courts, so we are now using the arrangement we had hoped for all season.  Courts 18-17-16 will NOT be in use. 

The highest numbered court for each duel match will still be for the #1 pairs, and the lowest number for the #3 pairs.


10/1/22 - League Championship Tournament

at Will Rogers State Beach

The Championship Tournament is a single elimination playoff bracket.  If you win, you continue, if you lose, you stay and ref the next round.  We will continue to use the regular score sheets for all matches.

League photo will take place between the 2nd and 3rd rounds of play.  All players and coaches, please be there.


Reffing & Score Keeping Info

Players, don't forget the submit the SCORE SHEET to the appropriate file folder after each duel match (for each of the 3 courts).  The Varsity folder is green, JV is orange, and both are labeled appropriately.

Each court will also have a court score sheet on a clipboard, that will stay on that court all day.  All you need to do here is fill in the scores.

The SCORE SHEET for the duel matches requires more information.  See below for sample score sheets.


10/8/22 - Pairs Championship

at Will Rogers State Beach

24 Varsity Pairs & 24 JV Pairs max (format may be changed due to number of entries)

(tournament was originally scheduled for 10/16, but was moved to 10/9, due to indoor club tournaments)

Tournament Information (TBD)
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