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full match schedule TBD

2023 Schedule

This year we are using Will Rogers State Beach again.  Fortunately, the bike path construction is complete, and all 21 courts are in playable shape.  All court numbers are located on the poles of each court.  We will be using 18 of the 21 courts for each tournament throughout the entire day.



revised Oct. 3rd, 2023

2023 Remaining Tournaments

Oct. 7 - Pairs Championship

Please see the link below for the Will Rogers court/site map.  

The lowest numbered court (closest to PCH) for each duel match will still be for the #1 pairs, and the highest number (closest to the ocean) for the #3 pairs.


10/7/23 - Pairs Championship

at Will Rogers State Beach

24 Varsity Pairs & 24 JV Pairs max.  Format will be like the pre-season pairs tournament, with pool play and playoffs (format may be changed due to number of entries).

We are aware that their is an indoor club tournament for the 18's division the same day.  Unfortunately we are not able to change the pairs event, and will continue with whoever is able to participate.  The JV division should be relatively unaffected.

Deadline to sign up your pairs for the event is Wednesday 10/4/23 at noon.

Tournament Information (TBD)

9/30/23 - League Championship Tournament

at Will Rogers State Beach

The Championship Tournament is a single elimination playoff bracket.  If you win, you continue, if you lose, you stay and ref the next round.  We will continue to use the regular score sheets for all matches.  Score sheets and court clipboards will continue, just like in all of the previous tournaments.

League photo will take place between the 2nd and 3rd rounds of play.  All players and coaches, please be there.


Reffing & Score Keeping Info

ATTENTION!!!!!!!  Players & coaches, effective 9/9, if you do not submit the SCORE SHEET for your reffing assignment to the appropriate file folder after each dual match (for all of the 3 courts), YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR NEXT WIN.   We will use the same process for the playoffs.

The Varsity folder is green, JV is orange, and both are labeled appropriately.

Each court has a court score sheet on a clipboard, that stays on that court all day, make sure to fill the scores in after every set.

The SCORE SHEET for the dual matches require all of the information.  Make to fill out sheets, even when teams are forfeiting, and make sure it is clearly stated who  is forfeiting.  See below (& to your right) for sample score sheets.

Tournament #5 (Saturday 9/23)

Coaches, this is your last opportunity to move players between teams or levels.  After Friday the 22nd, rosters will be locked for the playoffs.  Teams may still fill matches as needed in tourney #5, however, only alternates on the roster will be able to fill in for the playoffs. 

Varsity teams, there are still 5 Varsity matches during round 9 (the last round scheduled for 2:40pm).  Matches will be played on the usual 3 varsity rows, and 2 rows of JV courts (10-15). 

Keep working on maintaining and submitting accurate score sheets for every match!

Coaches, please make sure to communicate any time you are missing pairs.

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